Bolzen einsetzen


Regular lubrication and the choice of the adequate lubricant are prerequisites for a long life-span and for a noiseless run of the chains. The selection of the lubricants and the planning of the lubricating intervals are two of the most important tasks in the maintenance of chains, because this is the only way of guaranteeing fluent production processes, of reducing downtime and of minimising production costs.

As there are different operational areas, nearly every chain needs a special lubricant, because the production process can be affected if improper lubricants are used. We offer a big number of lubricants, which can be used in different operational areas (e.g. heat-resistant lubricants), and we like to advise you when making your choice.

As we do not know the specific conditions of production in your company, we are only able to give general advice without liability. Therefore, the full responsibility of choosing the adequate lubricant, the lubricating procedure and the lubricating intervals lies with the user of our chains.

When installing a new chain, you need to pay attention to the fact that you ought to move in the chains with as little twisting or strain as possible. New chains are to be unrolled in a way that they lie on the level of the fitting. A soiling and twisting of the chains, which can be caused by some contact with the floor, is to be avoided.

Ketten Produktion


The changing of chains is a kind of work, which usually causes much dirt. That is why most technicians do not like this kind of work very much. But the professional installation of chains is of great importance for their life-span and for the efficiency your machine will reach. Because of that, chains are only to be changed by skilled employees.

When planning to change some chains, you should first check if the chain wheels are worn out. A new chain does not run as noiseless as an old one on chain wheels which have already been used for some time. If the chain wheels are already worn out, the new chain will soon be destroyed or it will wear out unduly.

Before you remove an old chain from a machine, you ought to check if the correct chain was ordered and delivered and if there is a sufficient quantity of materials.

The correct position and the easy run of the chain wheels are indispensable for the proper functioning of the chains and allow the chains to reach a long life-span.

You need to check if all of the chain wheels have been installed on the same level, respectively, if the wheels align. If this is not the case, the position of the chain wheels has to be adjusted.

We advise you to run new chains slowly soon after they have been installed, to watch the chain closely during this time and to check, if the chain runs over each of the chain wheels properly.